Storing Your Cigars without a Humidor

Many people do not have a humidor and avoid buying more than a couple of cigars for a weekend at a time because they are concerned about their cigars drying out.

You should be concerned about the cigars, but not about the humidor requirement.

Here is a link to a basic method from Pat McLaughlin of Cool Material if you do not have a dedicated humidor but want to do the right thing for your cigars:

How to store a cigar without a humidor

Pat McLaughlin

The only additional steps we recommend is to place the new piece of sponge inside a non-sealed sandwich bag inside the container to keep the sponge from direct contact with your cigars. Also, do not store your cigars in the refrigerator, freezer or in the sun.

Always carry more than one cigar for a friend and enjoy your cigars !

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