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Doumitt Gold Cigar
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 14 reviews
by karrie falon on Doumitt Gold Cigar

i love the show gold rush infact i wach way to much of it. oh well what girl does not like sexy men and big equipement. i am a retired trucker myself, i also hold a welding ticket, and enjoy doing as much as i can do fixing equipement, smiles i think dhris is sexy and love to wach him on gold rush. he is a main reason i enjoy it so much<br />hugs from karrie

by Cameron Jewell on Doumitt Gold Cigar

Received my cigars today and had to try one out , really happy with the product and quality of the cigars as well as the packaging and entire experience! Well done great product

by Jay Hexter on Doumitt Gold Cigar

Hi chris, My wife had a trip to Washington recently so i got her to bring some back to the uk and im over the moon with the quality and taste of your cigars. I wish i could get some over here at the same price and quality as yours. Hope to get some more soon. Thanks Chris.

by Gillian on Doumitt Gold Cigar

Thank you Doumitt Cigar for sending my dad a signed card and cigar for his 50th birthday! Your customer service is amazing and you totally made his day (and mine).<br />Can’t wait for you to be restocked so we can order more.<br />Thank you again!

by MICHAEL TUCK on Doumitt Gold Cigar

Cigars arrived this morning and they are superb! As I write the weather is starting to turn Springlike in the UK and I'm enjoying a cigar with a glass of really good Lebanese wine called Mussar - you must try!<br /><br />Hope the new season goes well and I look forward to ordering more cigars!<br /><br />Best Wishes<br /><br />Michael Tuck.

by Howard on Doumitt Gold Cigar

I couldn't agree more with the previously written reviews. These cigars have become my go to relaxing smoke after a hard days work. I highly recommend giving them a try, you will not be disappointed, and shipping is fast and protected with a humidity packet to keep them fresh. I will continue to stock my humidor with Doumitt cigars.

by Thickster on Doumitt Gold Cigar

I ordered both types of sticks from where. I have to admit I did it originally because I am a big fan of the show and love cigars so it was more of a novelty item at first. Then outside working in the garage I said let’s give Doumitt a shot. I grabbed the Rechoncho, smelled it and it had a fantastic aroma , great looking wrapper, and seemed to be the perfect RH . I toasted it and took a couple of draws. It was a little spicy at first then really mellowed out. I would say medium profile .The strength out 1-10 I would rate a 5 . I really enjoyed the flavors from a deep coco at first , then honestly it was earthy with hay, wood, and a couple of other flavors that I as a novice could not pick up. It burnt well razor sharp , and the draw was perfect in my opinion and had tons of smoke . It turned creamy and nutty at the end .I really enjoyed the stick and will always have a couple around to smoke on the weekends .

by Webcon20 on Doumitt Gold Cigar

Ok, I’m back. The Oro Negro…where should I start. The wrapper is a “toothy”, sweet, & absolutely delicious greeting when you open the cigar. I sat for a couple minutes enjoying the aroma and taste of the unlit stogie. It was almost a crime to light it. I was impressed by the wrapper but the taste is even more amazing. It was a sweet smoke and super easy on my taste buds considering it’s a darker cigar. Simply put, this one’s REAL GOOD. I like the Rechonchos but this is my fav. It’s full of flavor and has the nutty profile but it’s quickly covered up by sweetness and finishes with creamy notes. It’s much heavier than the Rechonchos too but jammed packed with flavor. Not bad Doumitt, not bad at all.

by Webcon20 on Doumitt Gold Cigar

The Rechonchos is definitely an “everyday” cigar. Smooth taste with some nutty notes and a mild flavor that stays steady throughout the whole cigar. I smoked it while standing outside on a breezy night and wished I had a chair to relax with it. The roll is perfectly loose so the draw was much easier than most cigars. I’m not a big fan of short cigars but this is nice. Not overpowering. Overall I’m pleased. So pleased that now that I’m done writing this review, I’m going to try the Oro Negro. Brb.

by Larry K. on Doumitt Gold Cigar

I just wanted to reach out and tell you how pleased I am with your company and how proud Chris should be. The cigars were shipped out super fast and I am enjoying a really great cigar of yours right now. Wish there were more companies like yours around these days. I hope you guys can keep up the great work once word gets out about these amazing cigars!

Thank you for your feedback. Comments really help potential customers make the best decision.

by Larry K. on Doumitt Gold Cigar

I agree with everything Bryan said on the Jan. 2nd review. This is a bold cigar! I have been smoking cigars for many years and usually keep 200-400 cigars at a time. After smoking this one yesterday these will be the only ones filling up my case. These cigars are well priced and better than most cigars twice the cost and had a perfect burn. You will not be disappointed if you pull the trigger on these.

by JoeCool on Doumitt Gold Cigar

Honestly was only expecting a decent smoke but boy was I blown away! Awesome, awesome cigar – How could I have ever doubted the Great Chris Doumitt!!! So Pleased!!! Thanks!!!

by Bryan T. Morgan on Doumitt Gold Cigar

I have smoked cigars for over 10 years and worked in the cigar industry for 5+ years. I have to be 1000% honest, most cigar manufacturers struggle to come out of the gate with their first cigar and it be a good one! Well, Chris and his team have done such a fantastic job creating a home run right off the bat! Unbelievable job team! You keep up the amazing work and I will keep smoking them!<br /><br />As for the cigar, this maduro is a classic maduro with the strength, earthiness and a just a touch of sweetness that you sometimes find in a maduro. It also has very good complexity and is in the med-full range for strength and med-full on the body. This is not a powerhouse maduro, its right in that perfect wheelhouse! Aroma is very pleasant and is a very clean smoke for sure. You do not get an after taste that you will still have after 2 days, this is a clean clean clean smoking cigar for sure!<br /><br />Again, Chris and team, amazing job! I am very impressed!

by jham70 on Doumitt Gold Cigar

Chris you have outdone yourself. This is perfect. Smooth and rich in flavor. Most cigars when smoked in the house stinks…but this is very welcomed in the house. I will definitely place more orders. Nothing like finding the perfect cigar to have. Thanks Chris..