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6” x 62

The MASTER has the largest ring size in the Doumitt Humidor at 62 Ring. At 6 inches long with an aged Ecuador 92 wrapper, it provides a smooth medium to full flavored smoke to be enjoyed for a couple of hours. The MASTER is a beautifully hand-rolled cigar with a Campana Rounded Torpedo head. The draw is perfect and with the torpedo head you can decide how much draw you desire by your cut. If you like the Doumitt Oro Negro, you must try the MASTER, in Chris Doumitt’s words, he describes the MASTER as..Yummy !

Just as the Master Tradesman is at the top of their craft and looked at with reverence by Journeymen and Apprentices, the MASTER cigar is in a class by itself with flavor, body, smoke, strength, and smoothness. If you are new to cigars, we recommend you start with the APPRENTICE and then move to the JOURNEYMAN. Once you have a good amount of experience, you may be ready for the MASTER.

** Each Tradesman cigar has just enough of our special Dominican Republic leaf added to the filler to give each one our trademark body and smoothness.

92 EquadorEsteliCondega + Dominican