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5 ½” x 56

As the name JOURNEYMAN implies, The TRADESMEN JOURNEYMAN is a daily cigar that is reliable and has all the features you expect from a premium cigar. The strength is right down the middle and the flavor is complex and very satisfying. The carefully selected wrapper from Nicaragua gives it just the right amount of strength and puts the finishing touch on this excellent cigar – you could even call this a classic cigar. Not nearly as strong and complex as the MASTER, yet stronger than the APPRENTICE. The JOURNEYMAN is your ‘Go-To” cigar that won’t let you down – Just like a skilled Tradesman should.

** Each Tradesman cigar has just enough of our special Dominican Republic leaf added to the filler to give them our trademark body and smoothness.

92 EsteliDominican RepublicNicaraguan + Dominican