Limited Run Boxes of D-8 and D-10 – NOW AVAILABLE

Only 50 boxes of Each – Chris Doumitt is autographing each one and each will be numbered (## of 50)

10 thoughts on “Limited Run Boxes of D-8 and D-10 – NOW AVAILABLE

  1. Beth, We do not offer coffee cups at this time. The coffee cup I had on The Dirt was a gift from my daughter. We do have t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts (the same one I wear), golf gear, as well as lighters and cutters.

    I saw on TV “the dirt” the awesome coffee cup. I checked your merchandise page and did not see it listed. By chance are you selling those? Oh how my husband would love to drink his coffee out of that.
    If so please let me know the price.
    Thank you

    1. Not of the limited edition boxes-those were a special run last Christmas. We have boxes of D10, D8, 380, Master, Journeyman and Apprentice available for Christmas 2020

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