Oro Negro

5 ¼” x 54

The Aganorsa leaf filler is carefully blended to highlight the broad range of flavor Aganorsa tobacco is known for. This full flavored cigar is carefully wrapped in a spicy, aged San Andres maduro wrapper from southern Veracruz, Mexico; taking the Oro Negro to another level. Not a cigar for beginners. The Oro Negro is balanced with enough strength and flavor to be enjoyed by any true Aficionado. Enjoy this 5 ¼” x 54 maduro in the morning with a cup of freshly ground black coffee or after a meal with nice cabernet, bourbon, or scotch from the highlands.

San Andreas MaduroBlended EstelliNicaraguan Aganorsa Leaf

Oro Rechoncho

4” x 60

A 100% Nicaraguan “Puro” cigar, utilizing tobacco from Aganorsa in the Jalapa Valley in Northern Nicaragua. A medium to sometimes full body cigar made with premium aged full-leaf tobacco. Wrapped in Corojo 99 leaf for that smooth yet slightly spicy premium cigar. The distinctive flavor and aroma of Aganorsa stands out in this smooth, perfectly rolled cigar. The 60-ring size, perfect roll and short stature provides all the features needed to put out an impressive cloud of smoke as well.

Corojo 99Nicaraguan Jalapa ValleyNicaraguan Blend


Petite Corona

5” x 38

Think Cuban Cigar when deciding on the small 380-DR cigar. The Cuban Criollo 98 filler is one of the most valued strains of Cuban tobacco. The Piloto Cubano binder is a small crop, Dominican Republic tobacco, very similar to Cuban tobacco of 50 years ago. The Piloto Cubano seed can be a stronger tobacco, with hints of cinnamon and spice. All wrapped in the highly sought-after Ecuador Habano leaf with its characteristic thick, rich, oily and slightly veiny structure, carries great flavors of sweetness, coffee and a touch of pepper. This is an excellent, high quality hand-rolled cigar that won’t break the bank and only needs about 45 min to smoke.

Habano EcuadorCubano – Dominican RepublicJalapa Criollo 98 & Piloto Cubano


Robusto Grande

5 ½” x 56

Made especially for Chris Doumitt. This smooth cigar is a perfect blend of Dominican Republic Piloto Cubano and Condega leaf. The Condega region has more cloud cover, and rockier soil than other regions in the Dominican Republic, leading to a thinner leaf, and a less potent flavor. The binder is a northern Nicaraguan binder to continue the smoothness. All skillfully wrapped in a flavorful and hearty San Andreas wrapper.

San Andreas MaduroNicaraguan-EstelliCondega & Piloto Cubano


Toro Gordo

6” x 58

The Biggest and most intimidating cigar in the Doumitt Humidor. Just like the Huge D-10 Dozer, this Big Boy gets the job done in comfort and style. A pleasure to smoke. and gets better with age. Don’t let the 6” x 58 size scare you away. The creamy and slightly sweet delicate Sumatran wrapper pulls all of the Dominican filler and binder flavors together.

Sumatra MaduroDoble F San VictorLingero Piloto Dominican Republic