Guess The Weight In Gold !

As I was about to enjoy my last cigar at the claim this season I wondered …… ……What is the value of this Rechoncho in it’s weight in gold?   Here is your chance to win a 3-Pack of Rechoncho’s Go to our Facebook and submit your guess The value in gold by weight (troy) of […]

Oro Rechoncho Cigars ARE IN STOCK — Place your orders now

  Doumitt’s new additions: Golf Packs are in:  Tees, Marker, Balls, Towels and of course CIGARS We are developing a new medium strength cigar for those who want a lighter smoke and amazing flavor.  We are testing blends to get it just right for our loyal customers. Coasters for your favorite beverage are now available. […]

Golf Packs are in

Check out the new “Doumitt Cigar” Golf gear.  three different packages “Prospector, Claim Owner, and Old Timer”  High quality gear and a cigar at a great price

Free Shipping over $100 !!!!

Chris is helping you with your Christmas shopping for others, or yourself.  He is offering free shipping on orders over $100 (before any taxes)  and you will receive free – zero – shipping costs.  If you order this weekend there is a good chance it will be delivered before Christmas.  

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