Customers and their Doumitt’s !!

We are getting a lot of great feedback on the cigars.  Don’t be shy, we love feedback so rate your favorite cigars.  Here are some Doumitt Cigar customers enjoying their sticks.  Thanks for the pictures guys !


Greg D of Kenner Louisiana enjoying his victorious fishing trip of Redfish enjoying his Doumitt Rechoncho and wearing his Doumitt T-Shirt


Steve Konrad – Oregon.  Placing his Doumitt Sticker in a place of honor on his American Flag Welding Helmet – Well Done Steve


Jim Gilller in MN on his John Deere before the SuperBowl


Harry McClain in FL enjoying a Rechoncho


Phill Mitchell Vancouver WA finally getting to his Oro Negro


Guess The Weight In Gold !

As I was about to enjoy my last cigar at the claim this season I wondered ……

……What is the value of this Rechoncho in it’s weight in gold?  

  • Here is your chance to win a 3-Pack of Rechoncho’s
  • Go to our Facebook and submit your guess
    • The value in gold by weight (troy) of a Doumitt Rechoncho Cigar as of October 8, 2018.
    • All submissions within $1.00 will be put in a drawing and we select at least one winner.  Get it exact and we will throw in a t-shirt.
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Oro Rechoncho Cigars ARE IN STOCK — Place your orders now


  • Doumitt’s new additions:

    1. Golf Packs are in:  Tees, Marker, Balls, Towels and of course CIGARS
    2. We are developing a new medium strength cigar for those who want a lighter smoke and amazing flavor.  We are testing blends to get it just right for our loyal customers.
    3. Coasters for your favorite beverage are now available.



Golf Packs are in

Check out the new “Doumitt Cigar” Golf gear.  three different packages “Prospector, Claim Owner, and Old Timer”  High quality gear and a cigar at a great price


Storing Your Cigars without a Humidor

Many people do not have a humidor and avoid buying more than a couple of cigars for a weekend at a time because they are concerned about their cigars drying out.

You should be concerned about the cigars, but not about the humidor requirement.

Here is a link to a basic method from Pat McLaughlin of Cool Material if you do not have a dedicated humidor but want to do the right thing for your cigars:

How to store a cigar without a humidor

Pat McLaughlin

The only additional steps we recommend is to place the new piece of sponge inside a non-sealed sandwich bag inside the container to keep the sponge from direct contact with your cigars. Also, do not store your cigars in the refrigerator, freezer or in the sun.

Always carry more than one cigar for a friend and enjoy your cigars !


Free Shipping over $100 !!!!

Chris is helping you with your Christmas shopping for others, or yourself.  He is offering free shipping on orders over $100 (before any taxes)  and you will receive free – zero – shipping costs.  If you order this weekend there is a good chance it will be delivered before Christmas.