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Doumitt Cigar…..

Doumitt Cigar was created by Chris Doumitt out of his love of cigars.  For years people have asked Chris when he was going to offer his own cigar, that day has come.

Our first two cigars were released in time for Christmas 2017.  Doumitt Cigar continues to grow.  Canadian, UK, and Ireland customers can now order cigars and merchandise directly from Doumitt Cigar’s website and have them shipped directly from Doumitt to their door (via Customs).

We have expanded the humidor 800% with eight additional amazing cigars, all hand-made especially for Chris in the Dominican Republic.

We added a high-quality metal cigar case embossed with the Doumitt Cigar logo and holds 5 of the Dominican “380-DR” Cigars. The tin took a lot of effort to achieve the quality Chris demands and we exceeded his expectations. Check out all of the Doumitt Cigar products and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest information and promotions.



A little History

2018: Our Nicaraguan Cigars (Oro Negro and Oro Rechoncho) were launched.  These amazing and robust cigars are especially handmade for me to my specifications.  These have the pepper taste Nicaraguan leaf cigars are known for, and they get better and better with age.

2019: We added three “Silver Line” cigars (380-DR, D-8, & D-10) all three are made for us in the renowned Tabacalera Real factory in Santiago Dominican Republic.  We spent most of 2018 developing the blends,  packaging and branding, and I can not be happier with the results.

Early 2020: We added our Connecticut wrapper version on the small 380-DR petite corona that come in boxes, bundles, 5-packs, and the metal travel “tin” we had custom made.  Variations on small cigars are very tricky; the small amount of tobacco used requires the recipe and tobacco quality to be perfect and the hand rolling must be percise.

Late 2020:  We continued our efforts and launched our new line:  The TRADESMEN in honor of the hard working American Tradespeople working everyday to make our lives possible.  The Master – Now the Biggest cigar in the Humidor, The Journeyman – A solid hearty Dominican blend you can count on every day and The Apprentice for those just starting out with cigars.  All 3 TRADESMEN are excellent cigars,

Early 2021: We relaunched the Gold Line Oro Negro and Oro Rechoncho making them a little longer and even better than before – It is nearly impossible to keep Chris out of the inventory now…

Late 2021:  Look for our 10th cigar to be released. #10 will be in in the Gold Line to balance out the Humidor. The 5″ x 48 size is perfect and it smokes like a dream.

Christmas 2021:  Keep your eyes open for a very limited run cigar just for the holidays – Here is a hint…It is a blend of two of our current cigars and the combination is amazing.   Also for Christmas we will be offering gift boxes for that special someone.  Each gift box will have everything needed to enjoy Doumitt Cigars inside a new and sealed wooden cigar box.  We are still working out the fine details, but we are excited to offer them to you.

Chris continues to say...” If my customers keep smoking cigars, I will keep making cigars – We are having a blast.”

I am confident that if you take care of your cigars once they leave my humidor and keep them stored properly they will smoke the way I intend them to be. Enjoy and be blessed.

Business Partners

Chris Doumitt & Harry DeWolf have been friends for many years and ultimately became business partners to create Doumitt Cigar in 2016. After quite a few years of smoking cigars together and discussing the vision of a premium cigar company with Chris’ name on it, Doumitt Cigar was born.

Harry DeWolf – Behind the Scenes

Doumitt Cigar has another cigar aficionado involved who brings a lot to the business.  Harry DeWolf is Chris’ business partner.  Harry oversees Operations, Product Development, Accounting, Legal and Order Fulfillment.  Harry has been smoking and learning about cigars for over 30 years.  He first enjoyed cigars while traveling the world as a Supply Officer in US Navy for 20 years.  His cigar knowledge runs deep; learning the details of tobacco selection from Michael Giannini of General Cigar (now of Ventura Cigar). Learning the entire cigar construction and rolling process from the master rollers of La Gloria Cubana.  Ernesto Carillo (EPC) Jr. himself looked over Harry’s shoulder giving him pointers as he learned how to roll a La Gloria Charlemagne in the La Gloria factory after Harry won the first Cigar Aficionado Big Smoke “Super-Roll” competition in Las Vegas in 2003.

When we are developing and testing blends, you will find Harry carefully taking notes, measuring and examining all the fine details most people can’t see in a cigar.  Harry knows the leaf and blends.  He runs tests on how they light, smoke, draw, feel, and burn.  If they don’t meet Harry’s standards they are left behind and the work continues.

Holding an MBA degree, having experience as a Chief Financial Officer, being a college professor of accounting and entrepreneurship and he is the former Oregon Director of the US Small Business Administration (US SBA), Harry has shown he has the business acumen, drive and experience to take Doumitt Cigar to the next level, expand our market place and select new factories and countries for the future.

Harry enjoys a good quality, slow smoking cigar. Cigars provide Harry an opportunity to slow down and relax. His current favorite cigars are the Oro Rechoncho, D-10, Master and an occasional Apprentice.  Harry’s cigar mantra is simple. Life is too short for cheap cigars – Enjoy only the Best.

Doumitt Cigars are now available in these fine cigar establishments.

Napa Cigar

1147 1st Street
Napa CA 94559



Mt Hood Cigar

37425 Hwy 26
Sandy OR, 97055


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